We are on a mission to $2B and we need your help. 

We have a new initiative, and it’s something CSG has never done before. We are going outside of the RMDM comfort zone – outside of traditional Telco & Cable. We are taking CSG Ascendon into new markets!

In May, two SWAT teams formed in Chicago, IL and were tasked with developing business plans to drive new, dynamic growth helping take CSG to $2B. One of the teams built a compelling business plan around expanding CSG Ascendon into new markets. Brian Shepherd, Hai Tran and Ken Kennedy saw the potential delivered by the SWAT team and approved the plan for the team to move forward.

Why is this so important? 
This new strategy we are testing is in the CSG Ascendon business model is a BIG shift in mindset for CSG. This seemingly simple decision of testing out a new market could expand the business CSG Ascendon into markets we’ve never tried before driving in revenue from areas new to the organization. We will not be replacing Cable & Telco. Rather, we will be opening up the opportunities to grow the business as a quicker pace.

We need your help!
Why are we asking for your help? We are moving fast to prove out this new business strategy. Everyone knows someone. We’re hoping you can help us drive quick results.

Why should you help? 
Two reasons. 1.) We will pay you. And 2.) You can personally help CSG get to $2B.

Who is eligible? YOU!

Active CSG employees with personal contacts or contacts in LinkedIn meeting the specific criteria.

Get paid when you introduce us to your contacts!

Who are we looking for?
We would like to speak to executives in leading Enterprise companies in US and Canada looking to develop recurring revenue for complex subscriptions. Think Camping World – a completely different business than what we’ve focused on in the past. Below is a list of job titles and functions and the specific companies we are targeting.

  • Titles & Functions: CIO, CTO, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, SVPs of Product Lines, Digital Services Manager, Customer Service Agent, Customer Experience Manager, Billing Director, Marketing Manager
  • Companies: SIXT+, 1st Dibs , A+E Networks, Ace Hardware, Apple Music, Ashley Furniture, Blue Apron, Cabela’s, Care by Volvo, CBC, CH Media, Classpass, Comixology, Costco, Crackle Plus, Crown Media Family Networks, Crunchyroll, Deezer, Degreed, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Disney +, Dollar Shave Club, Drive Black Tie, Drive Go, eBay, Esty, Facebook Marketplace, Fandor, Filmatique, Fitbit, Flexcar, Flipkart, Go Pro, H&R Block, Harrys, HBOMax, Hello Fresh, Hertz My Car, Home Depot, Houzz, Hubspot, Hulu, Kanopy, Kroger, Laugh Out Loud Network, Lazydays RV, LL Bean, Logitech, Lootcrate, Lowes, Magzter, Major League Soccer USA, Masterclass, Moviepass, MubiNetflix, Night Flight, Pandora, PANTAYA, Paramount Pictures, Peacock, Peloton, Philo, Porsche Drive, ProBass Shops, Pure Flix, Regus, REI, Restoration Hardware, Revry, Rogers Communications, Samsung Electronics, Schneider Electronics, Shopify, Showtime Networks Inc., Sierra, Slack, Sling, Soundcloud, Sportsnet, Spotify, StubHub, Subscribe with Enterprise, Target, The CW Network, TicketMaster, Tonal, Turbo Tax, Twillio, Urban Outfitters, Vail Resorts, ViacomCBS, Walmart, Wayfair, WeWork, Williams-Sonoma, Zendesk, Zone-tv, Zoom

Does this sound like anyone you know? Are you connected to anyone in LinkedIn meeting this criteria? If you answer Yes, you could get paid!

How it works:

  1. Look through your LinkedIn contacts.
    If you find any who meets the criteria above, contact Dan Armstrong in RMDM Marketing.
  2. Send your LinkedIn contact a personalized LinkedIn InMail.
    Dan will help craft the perfect message for you, asking your contact for a meeting to discuss our new CSG Ascendon position. You can then take that message, copy and paste into your LinkedIn InMail to your contact and click send.
  3. Help schedule an introductory call.
    When your contact responses that they are open to a conversation, contact Dan Armstrong, to schedule the meeting with you, your contact and our CSG Ascendon representative. We are asking for you to join the initial conversation for a warm introduction. You can leave the meeting and all other conversations, once everyone has met.
  4. Sit back and get rewarded!
    Once a meeting has been held, you will receive what could be your first of many bonus awards – a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Additional conversations could result in additional awards: a $500 Amazon Gift Card and $5,000 Cash!

Bonus Award Structure

You make a warm introduction.
You schedule and host a call with your contact and our CSG representative and make an introduction between the two over the phone.
$200 Amazon Gift Card

Sales has more conversations. 
After your introduction, your contact and the CSG representative have a follow-up conversation.
$500 Amazon Gift Card

We close the sale.
Your contact signs up for CSG Ascendon and turns into a closed sale.
$5,000 Cash (added to your paycheck)

Hurry! Introductions must be made by January 31, 2023.

Get Started Today!
Start looking through your contacts TODAY! Contact Dan Armstrong when you find someone meeting the criteria. For questions or additional information, contact Curt Minter, Vice President North America.


  • Only active employees are eligible for this reward campaign. If an employee departs CSG prior to completion of one of the 3 reward options ($200 Amazon Gift Card, $500 Amazon Gift Card or $5,000 cash), the applicable rewards will be forfeited at time of departure.
  • $5,000 will be added to the paycheck 1 month post completion of sale.

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