State of The Customer Journey 2022

A comprehensive report analyzing over 10 billion customer experience related interactions over the last year.

“Good enough” is no longer good enough when it comes to customer journeys

While only a few brands are raising the customer experience (CX) bar high enough for delighted customers everywhere, this has become a battleground for growth in every company, regardless of industry.

Here’s the catch, though: the bar isn’t rising the same height for everyone. Some industries face a greater risk of disruption than others. 2022 will push some brands further than others to reinvent how they engage customers, and in ways that includes the recommendations in this report.

In this annual report detailing trends in the customer journey and customer engagement landscape, we’ll share the top takeaways and trends observed from over 10 billion customer experience related interactions, including:

  • Top Customer Journeys
  • Customer Journey Channel Performance
  • Journey Insights by Industry
  • Recommendations for 2022 and Beyond

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In this Report (and Beyond)

In this report, learn how digital customer journey orchestration data is broadened to share insightful data from our voice and messaging channels. We created this report to share the exciting ways we help connect our clients with their customers. In addition to the 1.8 billion interactions this adds to our analysis, future reports will also include trends and data from other digital channels, as well as print and mail.

With the drive towards digital transformation in full swing, don’t miss your chance to stay ahead of the competition and learn what you need to do to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Top Insights you'll Uncover

Why SMS notification volume increased by almost 1,000% year over year

Why phone calls are still incredibly valuable: total call volume is up by 290%

Why over 90% of all customer journey interactions took place across just four channels

Raise the [CX] Bar

See how you change your customer engagement through personalized journey experiences.

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