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Join CSG in the main conference agenda:

Tuesday 20 September 2022 l 11:30 am – 1:00 pm l CET

PANEL: Can CSPs transform fast enough to compete in the enterprise 5G market

  • New business models and new competitors: can CSPs still add value to the enterprise?
  • How are new competing business models shaping CSPs offering
  • Making monetization a reality and overcoming potential roadblocks and bottlenecks to growth

Alistair Elliott, CTO Networks, Pod Group
Guy Tennant, Chief Technology Officer, Hansen
Ken Kennedy, COO and President of Revenue Management & Digital Monetization, CSG
Mikko Uusitalo, Global Director of Mission Critical and Private Networks, Cellnex Telecom

Tuesday 20 September | 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm | CET

INTERVIEW: Fostering an open culture that drives more collaboration and innovation

  • What is an “open culture” and how human connection can positively impact the bottom line
  • How to infuse “open” into the organization by building cross-functional teams that drive digital inclusion and change through collective action, experimentation and risk-taking?
  • Addressing the cultural shift required to empower employees through open leadership
  • How do themes/trends/feedback from customers and community partners inform the approach to collaborative culture-building

Cindy Parsons, Executive Director, Social Impact & ESG, CSG
Interviewer: Vicky Sleight, Global Director Human Factor and D&I, TM Forum

Thursday 22 September 2022 l 12:30-12:50 l CET

CASE STUDY: Industry architecture for maximum partnering

  • What are the elements of any service partnering APIs?
  • Alternatives to catalog APIs explained
  • How Standards Organizations can make easier by taking control of the programmatic definition of their service standards
  • Channel equivalence to ease transition for your partners
  • Simplified yet conformant implementation options.
  • If I want to implement API powered partnering, where should I start?

Lester Thomas, Chief IT Systems Architect, Vodafone Group
Greg Tilton, Vice President, DGIT Product Line, CSG


CSG will be participating in two proof of concept Catalyst projects:

Channels & markets
Kiosk #: IL-23 l Zone: Growth

Communications service providers are well-placed to leverage their geographic network and market to build a new digital marketplace to combine connectivity and all types of non-connectivity services.

By using TM Forum Open APIs and tapping into the work of network Standards Defining Organizations (SDOs) to incorporate partner and network services, products can be more easily visualized, marketed and deployed, ultimately helping to drive growth.


Cross industry marketplace with self service AI: CSP Collaboration – Phase IV

Experimenting and publishing artificial intelligence (AI) models – particularly those with large data sets – can be too lengthy and therefore prohibitive. By enabling the acceleration of this process, services could be tested and adopted by enterprise customers at far greater speed.

This Catalyst proposes the creation of a marketplace of AI models that can be adopted to produce a wide spectrum of use cases.



Thursday 22 September 2022 l 15:40-16:40 CET
Hotel Ottilia, Bryggernes Plads 7, 1778 Copenhagen

Chad Dunavant, Chief Strategy & Product Officer at CSG will be participating in the following panel:

This discussion will focus on potential new services and use cases across industry segments. We will debate the role of enabling technologies such as dynamic network slicing, the potential for applications to leverage new network capabilities, the role of edge compute and cloud and the business cases that will enable success in the 5G economy



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